20151207 Anti-IS fighter Ashley Dyball returns to Australia

Australian police have interviewed a man who arrived home after fighting against the so-called Islamic State (IS) group in Syria.

Ashley Dyball, 23, had been detained in Germany while on a break from fighting with the Kurdish YPG militia group.
Local media reports said he was released without charge pending further investigations.
It is a crime under Australian law to assist militant groups in the Middle East.
But Mr Dyball’s family have told local media they want the Australian government to grant him an amnesty from laws primarily designed to protect the country from militants returning home after fighting with IS.
His Australian lawyer, Jessie Smith, told the BBC he could claim the defence that he was engaged in the armed service of a foreign government, due to Kurdish autonomy in certain areas of northern Syria.
On Facebook, where Mr Dyball uses the name Mitchell Scott, he had said last week he had been detained in Germany and could be “deported” to Australia to face charges.
Australia is on high alert for attacks by radicalised Muslims, including those returning home from fighting in the Middle East.
In June it was reported that another Australian man, Reece Harding, was killed fighting with the Kurdish YPG militia group against IS in Syria.