20150807 Donald Trump attacked in Republican debates
The Republican candidates running for US president have attacked frontrunner Donald Trump in their first debate.

The tycoon, who has upended the race with controversial comments about war heroes and Mexicans, was centre stage.
He was immediately criticised by Rand Paul for being the only candidate who refused to rule out a third-party run against any eventual Republican winner.
The 10 candidates on stage in Cleveland were selected by Fox News on the basis of recent national polls.
The 90-minute forum, which began at 9pm local time (01:00 GMT), features some frank exchanges as candidates vied to stand out in such a crowded Republican field.
Earlier, Carly Fiorina mocked Mr Trump’s links to the Clintons in a separate Republican debate for the seven candidates that failed to make the main event.
In both debates, immigration reform, abortion and foreign policy were among the issues that candidates were questioned on.
On Thursday, the Democratic Party announced they will hold their first debate in Nevada in October, hosted by CNN.